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About Us

Central England Co-operative trades across 16 counties from the Midlands to the East Coast - through more than 200 foodstores, 100-plus funeral homes, filling stations, post offices, travel branches, florists, opticians, motor dealerships, a specialist vehicle building business, masonry outlets, a crematorium, and a coffin factory.

The story begins back in 1844 with the set up the Rochdale Pioneers Society, a co-operative movement which spread across the UK. And in 1854 the Society as it is now, became one of the first co-operatives in the Midlands. Today, following the merger and transfer of over 70 societies, Central England Co-operative is one of the largest independent retail societies in the UK, with gross sales in excess of £1 billion and employing around 8,500 staff.


Have your say


Earn points on your purchases

Remembering to swipe your membership card every time you shop with us has some great benefits. Not only will you earn points as you spend money and interact with our businesses, but we will also be able to understand what products are close to your heart and this will enable us to send you offers and vouchers that we know you will love.

Twice yearly dividend payout

When we know how much profit we’ve made throughout the year, we’ll convert your points into pounds and pence. You’ll get a payout twice a year, in June and November to spend in store.

Democratic structure

Members are involved in the affairs of the Society at every level, from shopping with us to standing for election to the Board of Directors. The AGM and the regional half yearly members' meetings are a key way that members can have a say in the running of their Society.

Elected board members

Our members don’t just shop with us, they help us run our business. Unlike PLCs, Central England Co-operative is owned and democratically run by its members. Members are the basis of our democratic structure, as they are elected to regional and other committees who review the performance of the Society and direct its activities.

Why we're different

Community Dividend

Each year we set aside a percentage of our trading surplus to create a fund which supports our Community Dividend scheme. Members can apply for grants from the fund towards projects which will benefit the community.

Share of the profits

Use the membership card when you shop with us to get points based on the value of your purchase. The more points you save, the bigger your share of the profits, which is returned to you to spend in store.

Commitment to Fairtrade

Why buy and support Fairtrade? Well it means that producers all around the world who supply the food and drink get paid a fair price for the products they grow, which can be put back into the community they live in. It’s also about doing business fairly, honestly and democratically - helping thousands of farmers and growers in developing countries work their way out of poverty for a more sustainable future, improving their homes, education and health care.

Owned by you

Each and every member is co-owner of a multi-million-pound business, and has the democratic right to have a say in how the Society is run.

Our history


Central England Co-operative

The formation of Central England Co-operative can be dated back to 1854 & the subsequent formation of 76 co-operative societies. Following the merger between the Midlands & Anglia Co-operative Societies, Central England Co-operative was born & this merger cemented our place as one of the largest independent retailers in the UK.


Midlands Co-operative Society

Born from the merger of Central Midlands and Leicestershire Societies and bringing together a diverse range of businesses from food retailing, funeral directors, fashion & home and motor dealerships. Following the merger, the Society rebranded itself under the Co-op Extra Superstores signage.


Central Midlands Co-operative Society

Central Midlands Co-operative Society had been formed in 1985 as a result of the merger of Greater Midlands Co-operative Society and East Midlands Co-operative Society. Societies merged across the breadth of Derbyshire, Staffordshire and Birmingham to bring together a vast array of different businesses.


Leicestershire Co-operative Society

Leicestershire Co-operative Society was formed in 1968 as a result of the merger of several smaller societies including Kettering and its subsidiaries; Leicester and its subsidiaries; Coalville and its subsidiaries; South Leicestershire and its subsidiaries; Shepshed and Hathern; Rothwell; Melton Mowbray and Market Harborough.


Derby Co-operative Provident Society

The Society can trace its origins back to 1854 when the Derby Co-operative Provident Society was founded by twelve men, all members of the Carpenters' and Joiners' Society. Our first shop was opened in a hayloft in George Yard off Sadler Gate, for which members raised £2 to purchase a set of second-hand scales, weights, flour and groceries.


The Rochdale Pioneers

Our story began over 150 years ago, when in 1844 a group of Lancastrians set up the Rochdale Pioneers Society, a co-operative movement which was to spread across the country. The Rochdale Pioneers are most famous for designing the Rochdale Principles, a set of principles of co-operation that provide the foundation for the principles on which co-ops around the world operate to this day.


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